Atheists in Chicago Package More Than 18,000 lbs of Fruit December 30, 2012

Atheists in Chicago Package More Than 18,000 lbs of Fruit

Last week, on the day after Christmas, more than 30 members of Secular Events in Chicago (including Jessica and me from this site) went to the Greater Chicago Food Depository to help with whatever they needed us to do.

Turns out they wanted us to sort good fruit from bad fruit and box up the good stuff so they could ship it to local food pantries across the city.

Some of the oranges were torn, squishy, and disgusting… but we rescued the good ones!

We’re in here somewhere…

Over the course of three hours, we went through 18,522 lbs. of fruit, packaging 450 cases for shipment, for people who are “food insecure” (to use the GCFD’s terminology):

Fruity goodness, ready to ship

In addition to our group were eight people who came independently, which led to this exchange with one of our group members:

Had an interesting conversation with the lady next to me in the assembly line. She asked what our group was. Hearing we were “just a bunch of people coming together to help out,” she asked, “What’s your Church? Where do you meet?”

I responded: “We meet at places like this where we can do real, practical good.”

Damn right we do. And it was, surprisingly enough, a lot of fun. I have never seen that many atheists come together in my city to do something like that and I’m eager to do it again soon.

If you live in the area and want to be a part of this the next time it happens — or if you have ideas for what we can do next — please join the group 🙂

(Thanks to Rachel and Eduardo, both for the pics and for putting this whole event together!)

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