Christian Pastor: I Believe Mocking Jesus Should Be Outlawed! December 29, 2012

Christian Pastor: I Believe Mocking Jesus Should Be Outlawed!

There’s apparently a TV show called “Preaching the Word With Evangelist Jeff Worley” that airs in Roanoke, VA in the early morning hours on Saturday… and on today’s episode, Worley talked about a certain American Atheists billboard he saw in Times Square…:

I can’t embed the video, but you can watch it here.

… In the Times Square area of New York City, there is a gigantic billboard. Here’s what’s on this billboard. It’s being sponsored by a big atheist group. There’s a picture of Santa Claus at the top of the billboard, and it says something like this: “Keep the Merry.” M-e-r-r-y. Then, if you look at the bottom part of the billboard that’s right underneath of “Keep the Merry,” there’s a picture of our Savior depicted on the cross, and it says “but do away with the fable.” [Note: It actually says “Dump the Myth”]

Now stop and think about that for a few moments. I’m just gonna say it. I’m not gonna beat around the bush… I think that is the stupidest sign I’ve ever heard of in my life! I think that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Well, preacher, haven’t you heard atheists today, and those not of the Christian faith today, don’t want us to mention Jesus and it offends ’em?… Honey, let me tell you something. I’m gonna say this and not bat an eye! I’m offended by that garbage! I’m sick and tired of that garbage! And I believe it needs to be outlawed across the land to make fun of our savior! Say “amen” right there, glory to God! [Applause]… I’ve gotten so tired of seeing God’s people walk around and tremble and say, “Well, we don’t wanna mention the name of the Savior” or “We don’t wanna mention the name of the Lord because someone might be offended”…

… I will tell you something: God’s people had better be standing up and saying, “Enough is enough!” We wonder why our nation’s in the shape she’s in… You wanna know why we’re in the shape that we’re in? I’m gonna make some uncomfortable. It’s not because of a gun. We’re not in the shape that we’re in because of this or that or that group or this group. We’re in the shape that we’re in as a nation because we’ve expelled almighty God!

Watch the video. He’s not joking around when he says all that. He’s completely serious abou it.

Worley has every right to be upset and offended by the billboard. But suggesting that mockery of his faith should be outlawed is the sign of someone who isn’t secure in his own beliefs. Guess what? A lot of us don’t believe as he does, because we like evidence as opposed to feel-good fairy tales. That’s how society works.

Worley can always put up a similar billboard of his own and no one would stop him. We would disagree, I’m sure, but no atheist group would be calling for its removal.

And this notion that atheists are somehow preventing Christians from speaking about Jesus lest we be offended is a falsehood that only the most ignorant people would believe. Christians can talk about Jesus all they want. They can even put up Nativity scenes on their church’s property or their own front lawns all they want.

What they can’t do — and the only things atheists have fought against — is put up Nativity scenes on government property when all other displays are forbidden. The government has no business taking sides — they must treat religious beliefs equally. When that’s not happening, we call them out on it. That’s what Worley’s deeply offended by — that he’s not getting special treatment.

And the rest of his sermon? The part about how our nation’s in “the shape that she’s in” because we’ve expelled God? That’s a myth that’s been debunked so many times, only Mike Huckabee still buys into it. God hasn’t been expelled. Mandatory worship of God in public schools and through government fiat has been, and we’re all better off because of it.

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