Pastor @RickWarren Knows What ‘Real Men’ Eat December 27, 2012

Pastor @RickWarren Knows What ‘Real Men’ Eat

Pastor Rick Warren, who has a history of sending out tweets that he later regrets (and deletes), just sent out this message to his 825,000+ followers:

You would think a man who’s in the spotlight as much as he is would know better than to make sweeping generalizations that have no basis in reality — even if it is just for the sake of a joke.

I probably wouldn’t take it as seriously if Warren didn’t already have a history of saying things that put down men who aren’t like him. What does his joke imply, anyway? That only effeminate men eat wraps? That eating healthy isn’t something men should worry about? (Ironic, given that Warren has been in the headlines for leading a weight loss campaign at his church, and eating wraps might do them all some good.)

For what it’s worth, I’m a man. I’m a vegetarian. I eat wraps. Rick Warren is wrong. (Again.) And sexist to boot.

At least people are starting to respond:

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