Choose the 2012 Atheist Billboard of the Year! December 26, 2012

Choose the 2012 Atheist Billboard of the Year!

What were the best atheist billboards/signs of 2012?

I selected 18 nominees using the following criteria:

  1. It had to go up in 2012.
  2. I wouldn’t use any particular definition of “best” (meaning the billboard could be the best designed, most controversial, most effective, etc).
  3. I selected the final list. (Otherwise, there were just too many billboards from which to choose.)

The finalists are below (after the jump) and the poll to vote is immediately after that!

The group ultimately responsible for putting up the 2012 Atheist Billboard of the Year will receive a $100 donation. Good luck!

1) Boulder Atheists (on behalf of the Colorado Coalition Of Reason): “God Is An Imaginary Friend” (Denver, Colorado — January, 2012):

2) Minnesota Atheists (with American Atheists): “Please Don’t Indoctrinate Me” (Minneapolis, Minnesota — January, 2012):

3) African Americans for Humanism: “You’re One of Many” (Various locations — February, 2012):

4) Backyard Skeptics: “Atheists Make Better Lovers” (Westminster, California — February, 2012):

(Note: The image’s watermark was removed in the final version of the ad.)

5) NEPA Freethought Society (with American Atheists): “Atheists.” (Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania — February, 2012):

(Note: This bus ad, created by Justin Vacula, was rejected twice by the local transit system for being too “controversial” and never actually went up.)

6) American Atheists: “You Know It’s a Myth [in Arabic]” (Patterson, New Jersey — March, 2012):

7) PA Nonbelievers (with American Atheists): “Slaves, Obey Your Masters” (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — March, 2012):

(Note: This controversial billboard was vandalized one day after being put up.)

8) Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason: “Our Families Are Great Without Religion” (Grand Prairie, Texas — April, 2012):

9) Freedom From Religion Foundation: “Nobody Died for Our Sins” (Streator, Illinois — April, 2012):

(Note: This sign was put up on government property in response to an ad reading “Jesus died for your sins.” FFRF’s sign was stolen, then a revised version was put up in its place.)

10) Skepticon: “Kittens Are Cute” (Springfield, Missouri — April, 2012):

(Note: This billboard was created in an effort to make the least controversial atheist billboard ever.)

11) Backyard Skeptics: “Noah’s Flood” (Midway City, California — May, 2012):

(Note: Readers were quick to point out that the math on the billboard was a mistake and the word “hour” should have said “day.”)

12) Atheist Alliance of America (with the Boulder Atheists): “They’re Bringing Their Children” (Denver, Colorado — July, 2012):

13) Freedom From Religion Foundation: “Out of the Closet” (Spokane, Washington — July, 2012):

14) American Atheists: “God Is a Space Alien” (Charlotte, North Carolina — August, 2012):

(Note: This billboard, along with one mocking Christianity, were put up at the site of the Democratic National Convention. They were taken down by AA following threats against them.)

15) Kansas City Atheist Coalition: “Godless Government Now” (Overland Park, Kansas — September, 2012):

16) American Atheists: “Shame on Mormonism” (Boca Raton, Florida — October, 2012):

(Note: This traveling ad was on the side of a truck that was driven around town the day before the second Presidential Debate.)

17) American Humanist Association: “Kids Without God” (Washington, D.C. and Moscow, Idaho — November, 2012):

18) American Atheists: “Keep the Merry! Dump the Myth!” (New York, New York — December, 2012):

Now, it’s your turn to choose! I won’t be cruel and make you pick just one since there are so many entries — you’re allowed to vote for your favorite five.

Voting ends Monday night, 12/31, and the winning organization (or local group) will receive a $100 donation.

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