An Amazing Rap for All Those Future Doctors December 26, 2012

An Amazing Rap for All Those Future Doctors

Some things are just too awesome not to share.

Vanessa Prokuski is one of my closest friends from high school (Hinsdale South, wut wut!) and she’s currently in medical school over at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

A couple of months ago, she put out this hilarious video parody of life for a med student, and I just wanted to share it with you fine folks (for science!):

You may have some questions after viewing this video.  Let me answer them for you:

Is she this awesome all of the time? Yes.

So you two have been friends for 12 years? Were you guys always awesome? Yes. We went through no sort of awkward stages during high school. We were always lovely and normal and socially graceful.

Is she really a med student? Yes.

How did she have time to do this during med school? I have no earthly idea.

Jessica, this doesn’t have too much to do with atheism!  Why did you post it here?  Because it’s freaking awesome and I thought you would enjoy it!

Thanks so much for your questions!

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