Stanford’s Humanist Chaplain Gets Positive Press December 23, 2012

Stanford’s Humanist Chaplain Gets Positive Press

It’s been about two months since John Figdor was announced as Chaplain of the new Humanist Community at Stanford:

This weekend, he’s getting some positive attention from the San Francisco Chronicle:

Figdor, 28, is one of a growing number of faith-free chaplains at universities, in the military and in the community who believe that nonbelievers can benefit from just about everything religion offers except God.

“A lot of people go back to religious organizations when they start having children,” whether or not they believe in God, because religion offers community, Figdor said. “What I really want to do is create a vibrant, humanist community here in Silicon Valley, where people can find babysitters for their kids and young people can meet each other.”

Once you get past his title (which a bunch of you are stubbornly unable to do), you realize what he’s doing at Stanford will make a huge difference in the lives of Humanists on campus. Just having someone whose full-time job (!) it is to do things like set up events for non-religious students, bring them together for service projects, and provide counseling when they need it is incredible.

How many of us would have benefitted from having someone like that at college? Even the best atheist student groups have to reinvent the wheel every year or two when new leadership comes in, but having a staffer whose job it is to look out for your best interests is a game-changer for atheists. Just ask religious students who visit Hillel House or the Newman Center what that permanent presence does for their well-being and you’ll get a glimpse of what non-theistic students at Stanford have in store for them if they choose to take advantage of it.

John is offering them all the things religion does well… without ever asking students to leave their brains at the door. We would all be better off with more people in positions like his.

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