The Pope Uses His Christmas Speech to Criticize the Push for Gay Rights December 21, 2012

The Pope Uses His Christmas Speech to Criticize the Push for Gay Rights

We are quickly coming up on Christmas.  Everyone is setting aside their little differences in the spirit of peace and love for our fellow humans.  The Pope made his annual speech to the Vatican bureaucracy, and it was filled with words of love, compassion, and understand of  all people, regardless of their race, creed, color, or sexual orientation.

LOL, JK! The Pope talked about how gay people are the worst.

What do you mean you’re returning my Christmas gift…?

With that, I would like to compose an open letter to Pope Benedict XVI.

Dear Benny,

The last few months have been really difficult on a whole lot of people.  Erratic weather has destroyed homes and lives across the globe.  My country is being forced to face the massacres that have happened not only in our schools, but daily on our city streets.  The Middle East is struggling though never-ending conflict, war, and the realities of implementing a democratic government.  We’re losing an entire generation in Africa.

Please, for the love of everything you hold dear, let the gay marriage thing go.

Our world already major problems with real-life consequences. For better or worse (and you know which side I fall on here), a whole lot of people are looking to you to offer guidance and wisdom.

You are blowing it.

Sorry for the word choice.

You have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to make a real change.  You have the ear of the entire world, and over a billion people who consider you the earthly voice of their god.  And your message is that gay people who act on their sexuality are “intrinsically disordered“? What about those among your ranks who have raped children? What about the fact that there are people in the world who are starving to death while you sit in a virtual city of gold? What about a woman who died because she was not granted a medically necessary abortion? Are these things not disordered? Do those things not break your heart?

Please, give up the anti-gay stance.  While I do not believe that you are bestowed with the power of God, I do believe that you are in an influential position. Please, use your power to save lives instead of making them worse.


Jessica Bluemke, a friendly atheist


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