She Must Be a Scientist; She Works in Front of a Green Screen December 21, 2012

She Must Be a Scientist; She Works in Front of a Green Screen

This is Dr. Ann Gauger, a “Senior Research Scientist at Biologic Institute” (which is funded by the Intelligent Design-promoting Discovery Institute), talking about what she thinks is population genetics:

The commenters at Sandwalk have already dismantled everything she said… but a lot of viewers noticed something else even more interesting:

She’s not really in a lab.

She’s in front of a green screen.

The lab is a lie.

Did you expect anything else? She’s an ID proponent. It’s not like they do any actual science — they just make things up and spread their lies to people gullible enough to believe them because they look professional, sound authoritative, and pretend to be scientists.

And since Patheos has a subscription to Shutterstock, it turns out I can be in the lab, too!

I’m a fancy scientist, too! (via OverlappingMagisteria)

The Discovery Institute, after being exposed, admitted a stock photo was used, but defended it nonetheless:

… Typically, filming in a genuine location like this would be troublesome for us and bothersome for others who work there — a distraction for all involved, including viewers, when the intent is to focus on the argument. Many other times, in other contexts, we have similarly used backdrops where, to get to an actual locale, it would require travel not to mention complicated, time-consuming setup and many other headaches. Going with a green screen makes sense for an organization that operates under a constrained budget.

The photo above is of Ann Gauger in her actual lab, which doesn’t look all that different from the stock photo.

There’s a picture of Gauger staring at a Petri dish (presumably waiting for God to create something)… but it begs the question: Why not just shoot the video in her actual lab — messy, full of equipment, and real?

Sometimes, you get so used to lying, you forget the truth might actually be more effective.

(image via Shutterstock)

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