Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/20) December 20, 2012

Heathen Holiday Card of the Day! (12/20)

Continuing in my run of cards from overseas, this card was submitted by reader Janet Standen-Holmes and designed by Michelle Lupton, both of Melbourne, Australia.

I love this card — short, sweet, and punny.

She has this one also available in white-on-red, and many other cards for all occasions at her website.

Also, look at this penguin in a scarf!

Not super heathenish… but I like animals in clothes, okay? I just do.

Keep your cards coming to HeathenHolidayCards@gmail.com, and you can see the whole collection here!

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  • Heidi

    I like the card, also. But – “heathen” does not mean atheist. I’m a Heathen, and it’s a valid religious choice. Heathens are polytheists, and most often, also ancestral animists. As an ancestral animist, I have very spiritual approach to life. The christians are the ones who made heathen a godless thing. Each time I see the word heathen used to mean atheist, it makes me sad that the christians got away with this. I fully acknowledge atheism as a valid choice, and I have nothing at all against it. As a former christian, I don’t blame anyone the littlest bit for walking away from the whole idea of religion. No offense intended for this post.