Alabama Chief Justice-Elect Roy Moore: ‘Evolution Has So Distorted Our Way of Thinking’ December 20, 2012

Alabama Chief Justice-Elect Roy Moore: ‘Evolution Has So Distorted Our Way of Thinking’

Roy Moore, as you might recall, is the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. During his tenure, he made national headlines when he illegally installed a Ten Commandments monument into the courthouse. He was removed from office for his actions.

This past November, though, he was rewarded for his crimes and re-elected to his position atop the state’s judicial food chain.

It’s very clear that he hasn’t changed his way of thinking. He’s just as much a Christianist now as he was before and an interview he recently did with “City On A Hill Radio” only proves the point.

Listen to Moore talk about how teaching people about evolution has ruined our country:

Host Barbara Moore: Judge Moore I want to ask you, as you read the United States Constitution you can see that biblical concepts and precepts are within that Constitution, everything from separation of powers because of the sinful nature of man, and I would think that any Bible believing Christian would feel that when they look at our United States Constitution, wouldn’t you say?

Roy Moore: I think they don’t and I think there’s a reason they don’t and I think the reason like you see it maybe because you’ve studied a little bit but I think it’s not evident to those who have lost the knowledge of God. What I mean to say by that is you know we started by teaching history at the beginning of the program and it’s like going to football games and seeing who wins and who loses and going to football games and forgetting the rules. If you know the rules it makes the game more interesting because you know there is some way they get to the end of the game and win or lose and you got to go by the rules. We’re not going by the rules because we don’t think the rules matter anymore.

Evolution has so distorted our way of thinking. It’s not just about where we came from. Of course, we know we were created but they say we evolved from whatever, something out of the ocean, you’ve got to understand that evolution affects your mental processes. When you think you have evolved then you think you’re better than those who have gone before you. If you’re better than those who have gone before you then you won’t make the same mistakes, you won’t think the same way, you know better, you’re smarter. The point is, human nature doesn’t change and human nature is what the Constitution sought to restrain.

Man, it’s a good thing Creationists are never guilty of thinking they’re better than everyone else…

The whole notion that evolution makes you “better” or less prone to making certain mistakes is ludicrous. That’s the type of explanation you would only get from someone who has no clue what he’s talking about. And yet, Moore confidently passes judgment on it. Taking a firm stance on something you know nothing about is pretty much the one quality a judge shouldn’t have, yet Moore is (once again) going to be the Chief Justice.

This man doesn’t give a damn about hearing evidence or remaining impartial. When it comes to gay rights, church/state separation, or any other social issue Christians have been known to take stands on, he’s already made up his mind: The Bible trumps any possible interpretation of the Constitution.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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