The Superintendent of the Kountze Independent School District Just Resigned December 19, 2012

The Superintendent of the Kountze Independent School District Just Resigned

It’s been a while since we’ve heard about the Kountze High School cheerleaders and their Bible-promoting banners. There still won’t be a decision in the case until the summer.

But here’s an interesting twist in the saga: Superintendent Kevin Weldon had been the person who told the cheerleaders they must take down their banners… until a judge later issued a temporary injunction allowing them to keep them up. (The final ruling is the one we’re all anxiously anticipating.) Weldon did the right thing and took a lot of (metaphorical) punches for it.

Yesterday, though, Weldon resigned from his position:

Superintendent Kevin Weldon

12 News HD has learned that Kountze Independent School District superintendent Kevin Weldon has resigned his position after only about two years at the helm.

District trustees have called a special meeting for Friday, December 21 at 5 p.m. to accept his resignation “…conditioned upon the acceptance of a Superintendent position with another school district.” They are then expected to name an interim replacement.

Did his resignation have anything to do with the cheerleaders?

Was it voluntary or forced?

We have no clue.

It sounds like he has another job lined up, though. Hopefully it’s somewhere where his judgments are respected instead of wrongly challenged.

There’s no word yet on if/how this might affect the cheerleaders’ case or what role, if any, the new superintendent will have in the case.

(Thanks to Kacy for the link!)

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