How Many Sermons Like This Never See the Light of Day? December 18, 2012

How Many Sermons Like This Never See the Light of Day?

The thing about people like Mike Huckabee and James Dobson is that they know the spotlight is on them, so even when what they have to say is despicable, it’s toned down from what it could have been. When someone doesn’t think the world is watching, their words are even worse, unfiltered, far from politically correct. (It’s the same reason Mitt Romney‘s “47%” remarks were so devastating for many to hear.)

Someone like Old Paths Baptist Church’s Pastor Sam Morris probably doesn’t think anyone outside his like-minded congregation in Fayetteville, Tennessee is paying any attention. So when his sermon leaks out, the rest of us find out what is really said behind some closed doors.

We get all up in arms about 20 children being shot in a day care but we don’t give one good-glory rip about the 4,000 that were removed violently from the wombs of their mothers [via abortion] the same day… I believe they use children and Christmas and all that to try to pull on our heart strings for gun control. That’s what it’s all about.

… in 1963, the government and the schools kicked God out [and said] “God we don’t need you in here!” Now, all of a sudden, they want him back. Have you noticed that? With their little candlelight vigils and so on? I got news for you: When you kicked God out of school, you’re going to be judged for that.

When I got in high school, man, I started learning all this kingdom, phylum stuff, all this junk about evolution. And I want to tell you what evolution teaches — here’s the bottom line, are you ready? — that you’re an animal. That’s what it teaches. So, you’re an animal, you can act like an animal. Amen?

So, here you are, you’re an animal and you’re a God! So, what are we going to teach you about in school? Well, we can teach you about sex, we can teach you about how to rebel to your parents, we can teach you how to be a homo! But we’re definitely not going to teach you about the word of God!

If that’s the kind of sermon we don’t normally hear, you have to wonder how many more sermons are just like that, hidden from the public, containing falsehoods (besides the usual ones), and full of wacky conspiracy theories…

This is the image on Pastor Morris’ “About” page on his website

To anyone who has to sit in a church where the pastor says over-the-top offensive, untrue things like Pastor Morris, I have a proposition for you: Record the sermon and share it with me. If the audio’s good, it’s not found anywhere else, and I want to post it, I’ll pay you for it. Let’s expose more of these loons.

(via Good As You)

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