Oklahoma Atheists Were Featured on CBS Sunday Morning December 17, 2012

Oklahoma Atheists Were Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

For a couple of weeks now, the Oklahoma Atheists have known they would be featured in a piece about the “rise of the Nones” on yesterday’s edition of CBS Sunday Morning.

What they didn’t anticipate, as no one did, was that their piece would be framed in light of an awful tragedy.

It’s not a bad piece. It’s just tough to get excited about atheists in the Bible Belt when our minds are elsewhere.

Abbie Smith was excited that her group was going to be featured in the segment, but after the events of last week, that enthusiasm all but disappeared:

Murdered people, devastated communities, were not supposed to be our ‘in’ to talking about atheism.

And like that *snap* 20 kids were taken from us, not by cancer, but for nothing. Six school admins, who had so much more to give those children and future children, gone.

Again, it just makes everything seem futile.

I am not an officer of OKC Atheists, I barely have time to show up for meet-ups anymore, but I can speak for myself saying that I in no way, shape, or form want to use this tragedy as an excuse to talk about atheism. It wasnt supposed to be like that for the CBS show.

I think most of us are in the same place. It was hard to get excited about anything the past few days. We just want to see some action taken by our government so that these things stop happening… at least less frequently.

All that said, congrats to the Oklahoma Atheists on their segment.

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