Atheist Sign Vandalized Less Than Two Days After Being Put Up December 17, 2012

Atheist Sign Vandalized Less Than Two Days After Being Put Up

This was the banner near a controversial Nativity display on government property in Warren, Michigan. It was put up on Friday:

Douglas Marshall puts up the FFRF sign in Warren, Michigan (David Angell – Daily Tribune)

Sometime Saturday night, that banner was vandalized:

After a stake pole was vandalized, our banner was blowing around the median,” said FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. “We urge police to investigate this tampering. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has opposed using this median strip for religious displays not only as a constitutional violation, but a traffic hazard.

“Now that the town has formally deemed it a public forum, FFRF and our area members have full right to place our display. Fanatics who would censor our speech should realize such vandalism is not only criminal, but could cause serious accidents,” Gaylor said.

No one’s confessed to the crime and no one’s been caught or punished. I’m wondering whether the police would be acting on this more quickly if the damage occurred to the Nativity Scene.

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