Mike Huckabee: The Shooting is the Fault of Church/State Separation Advocates… and Gay Rights Supporters… and Obamacare December 16, 2012

Mike Huckabee: The Shooting is the Fault of Church/State Separation Advocates… and Gay Rights Supporters… and Obamacare

Not long after the Newtown shootings, Mike Huckabee went on FOX News Channel to claim that he wasn’t surprised by the carnage because “we have systematically removed God from our schools.”

“We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools,” Huckabee said on Fox News, discussing the murder spree that took the lives of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, CT that morning. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage?”

He said those suffering from a crisis from faith should look to God in the community’s response to the violence. But he added that “Maybe we ought to let [God] in on the front end and we wouldn’t have to call him to show up when it’s all said and done at the back end.”

Last night, Huckabee made another statement on his own show, explaining the first statement. OnKneesForJesus4 has juxtaposed the two commentaries. The more recent one begins at the 1:37 mark:

Did you catch all that? Huckabee says that he *never* said we needed to force Christian prayers into public schools. How could anyone take his statements to mean that? No, no, no… the shooting happened for a variety of reasons, all of which still make no sense:

… it’s far more than just taking prayer or Bible reading out of the schools. It’s the fact that people sue a city so we aren’t confronted with a manger scene or a Christmas Carol. That lawsuits are filed to remove a cross that’s a memorial to fallen soldiers. Churches and Christian-owned businesses are told to surrender their values under the edict of government orders to provide tax-funded abortion pills. We carefully and intentionally stop saying things are sinful and we call them disorders. Sometimes, he even say they’re normal. And to get to where… we have to abandon bedrock moral truths, then [we] ask, “Well, where was God?” And I respond that, as I see it, we’ve escorted Him right out of our culture and we’ve marched Him off the public square, and then we express our surprise that a culture without Hm actually reflects what it’s become.

See? It’s not just about getting prayer back in public schools. That’s just a *part* of it.

The shooting is really the fault of groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation for advocating church/state separation… and President Obama for making public business owners pay for the health coverage of their employees regardless of their personal religious beliefs… and anyone who thinks homosexuality is normal instead of a sin.

(Not only do churches receive an exemption to the Obamacare law, no business owner is required to provide employees with abortion pills, as Huckabee suggests. Simply put, certain employers will have to provide employees with comprehensive coverage and employees will be free to use their insurance as they see fit, including using it on contraception. In other words, your boss wouldn’t be able to stop you from getting birth control just because s/he was Catholic.)

It’s really the worst sort of apology. First, blame the viewers for quoting your words verbatim and not taking them out of context as you intended. Then explain yourself fully, digging the hole even deeper in the process.

This isn’t just some random guy. Huckabee is a talk show host on a top-rated cable channel, a popular conservative Christian leader, and a man who could have been President (if we lost our senses). He represents what millions of Americans think and feel. It’s horrifying.

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