Illinois Family Institute: The Newtown Shooter Had ‘Hatred Toward God’ December 15, 2012

Illinois Family Institute: The Newtown Shooter Had ‘Hatred Toward God’

This message is brought to you by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. and endorsed by the Illinois Family Institute, a loving, caring, conservative Christian group:

… [The shooter’s] crimes were sick beyond words, and he was undoubtedly unbalanced, but he pulled off a cold, calculated, and premeditated crime, monstrous in its design and accomplishment.

Christians know that this is the result of sin and the horrifying effects of The Fall. Every answer for this evil must affirm the reality and power of sin. The sinfulness of sin is never more clearly revealed than when we look into the heart of a crime like this and see the hatred toward God that precedes the murderous hatred he poured out on his little victims.

We know nothing about the shooter’s religious beliefs yet. To assume it was an atheist or someone who believed in and hated God is a jump to conclusions that has as much basis in reality as saying he was a church-going Christian. We don’t know what he believed in — and even if we did, we don’t know that his religious beliefs had anything to do with this crime.

What we can say with certainty is that a woman eating an apple thousands of years ago has nothing to do with why this murderer committed his horrific act.

Mohler continues:

… We must be thankful for the restraint of the law, operating on the human conscience. Such a crime serves to warn us that putting a curve in the law will inevitably produce a curve in the conscience. We must be thankful for the restraining grace of God that limits human evil and, rightly understood, keeps us all from killing each other.

Right. God’s restraint is so powerful that he only lets 20 children get murdered at school. We should really be grateful God’s Good Graces didn’t allow that number to be any higher.

Also, rest assured that good will win out over evil in the end. Because of Jesus:

There is one and only one reason that evil does not have the last word, and that is the fact that evil, sin, death, and the devil were defeated at the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. There they were defeated conclusively, comprehensively, and publicly.

*Phew*… We can all rest easy knowing that Jesus defeated evil and death and Satan. Enjoy your happy, immortal, Satan-free life, everyone!

Such a tragedy calls for the most Gospel-centered Christian thinking, for the substance of biblical theology, and the solace that only the full wealth of Christian conviction can provide.

Those are just Christian code words for forcing God back into the public schools. The Bible makes us no better, no kinder, no more decent than any other book that attempts to teach morality. And the idea that Christians — True ChristiansTM — are free of violent impulses while non-Christians aren’t is such a demonstrable lie that it’s amazing any group would even come up with the thought, much less say it out loud.

That is, until you realize we’re talking about the Christian Right and this is just how they operate.

***Edit***: The post in question was initially attributed to the Illinois Family Institute. In fact, it was written by Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. and only promoted by IFI. The piece has been edited to reflect that. The end result is still the same, but my apologies for any confusion.

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