Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: The FFRF Needs to Be Punched in the Mouth (Metaphorically, Of Course) December 10, 2012

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: The FFRF Needs to Be Punched in the Mouth (Metaphorically, Of Course)

Matt Barber of the conservative Christian group Liberty Counsel knows exactly how to defeat the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a group he think functions like a grade school bully: Punch them in the mouth. Metaphorically. (Because when you want to fight back against a bully, metaphors will do the trick!)

What do you do with a bully? If a bully keeps getting his way and intimidating kids on the playground, and nobody stands up for themselves, then the bully is encouraged and emboldened and continues to bully more and more people.

But when a little kid is being bullied and he turns around and punches a bully in the mouth — metaphorically speaking, of course — then the bully, often times, is proven to be a paper tiger. Well, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is nothing but a giant paper tiger.

It’s pretty laughable that the behemoth Liberty Counsel considers the FFRF a “bully” to begin with. The FFRF isn’t destroying the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, or trying to legislate atheist beliefs into the law, or preventing private displays of religiosity, or putting out a yearly list of which companies are on its good and bad side. All FFRF does is protect the Constitution wherever its being violated (usually by Christians) with respect to government endorsement of religion.

FFRF isn’t the school bully. It’s the bodyguard protecting the bully’s victims.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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