Lindsay Lohan Is No ‘Skepticism Hero’ for Punching a Psychic December 1, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Is No ‘Skepticism Hero’ for Punching a Psychic

Recently, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for punching Florida psychic Tiffany Ava Mitchell after she offered Lohan a free reading. I don’t really care about the story itself, but I was surprised to see one particular reaction to it.

Like many Internet-dwellers, I’m usually a fan of Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin. But this is what she wrote about the Lohan incident in a post titled “Arrested for punching psychic, Lindsay Lohan becomes instant Skepticism movement hero“:

Admit it, you Michael-Shermer, Richard-Dawkins reader, you are secretly cheering her on.

Umm… no. No, we’re not. No one is saying, “Yay, Lindsay! Way to win the debate!” (And skeptic groups sure as hell aren’t calling Lohan a “hero.”)

We beat the psychics by giving away their game plan and calling them out on their lies. We beat them by exposing their tricks to the world. We beat them through our words. We don’t beat them by literally beating them.

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