Congresswoman-Elect Kyrsten Sinema Is Asked About Atheism on CNN November 24, 2012

Congresswoman-Elect Kyrsten Sinema Is Asked About Atheism on CNN

I know some of you think I’m obsessing over this question, but I still think it’s an important one: Is newly-elected Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema an atheist? All signs pointed to yes… until it looked like she won her election, at which point her campaign took steps to avoid any link between her and a lack of faith.

Which is why she was asked about her beliefs on CNN this weekend. The conversation went like this:

Reporter: Do you believe in God?

Sinema: [Long pause] You know, I’m not a member of any faith community, and I think faith is a deeply personal issue that individuals should deal with in their private lives.

I’m resigned to the fact that we’re not going to get a straight answer from Sinema anytime soon on the God question. That’s fine, though. Her response is exactly the type of answer I wish every member of Congress would give — that religion is a personal matter. I’m not worried that Sinema is going to vote based on any religious beliefs; she’ll (hopefully) vote based on where the evidence leads and what makes for good policy.

We could use more people in politics who give off an air of “Who cares about religion?”

(Thanks to Jason for the link)

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