High School Atheist Group Quickly Branded as ‘Satanic’ and ‘Anti-Religion’ November 16, 2012

High School Atheist Group Quickly Branded as ‘Satanic’ and ‘Anti-Religion’

It’s not necessarily big news that high school atheist groups exist, but damn, it makes me happy when I hear about them 🙂

At Edward Little High School in Auburn, Maine, freshman Trevor Laliberte is quickly discovering how rewarding a group can be… and what young atheists are up against:

The Secular Student Alliance at Edward Little High School (Rahma Ali – The Eddies Echo)

The group has dealt with other students referring to the club as an “anti-religion club” and a “satanic group.”

“It’s giving people the wrong idea, because both of those things are far from what we’re about,” Laliberte said.

“It’s a good idea for kids to talk about doubts they have about religion,” [science teacher and advisor Dr. Andrew] Baca said, “It’s a place for them to talk about their the big issues. I agreed to become the advisor so I could help them organize and make it really happen.”

“After some help from the awesome people at the SSA, I figured out what I needed to do to make it happen,” Laliberte said. “Since then, it’s been really remarkable to watch the club grow, and its one of the most rewarding things I’ve done.”

Trevor is a freshman. He has years to make this group bigger and better, deal productively with the stereotypes, and change his classmates’ views of atheists. He’s already completed the toughest step. Now he just has to keep at it.

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