Illinois Family Institute: How Dare Outside Groups Other Than Us Influence District Policy? November 14, 2012

Illinois Family Institute: How Dare Outside Groups Other Than Us Influence District Policy?

Remember all that drama when the East Aurora School district in Illinois adopted, then rescinded, a policy that would benefit transgender students?

The Illinois Family Institute just realized that the school board is now looking back into the policy to see if they might want to re-adopt it in the future… and they are shocked at who’s getting involved in this case?!

Serving on the committee are two adult cross-dressing males who wish they were women. “Joanie Rae” Wimmer is a Downer’s Grove attorney, and “Crystal Ann” Gray, who lives in Woodstock, IL, works as a “transgender” advocate. Click here to watch a video of Gray and “Shari” Miller, another gender-confused man who as of 2008 was Gray’s romantic partner. Aurora parents, church leaders, and other residents should be outraged that this is who is coming into their school to create school policy that would affect their children.

Lesbian Shannon Sullivan, another Illinois Safe Schools Alliance staff member, complained to WBEZ that opposition to this policy came from “outside groups,” namely IFI. Ironically, she said that just after admitting that the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, an outside group, had been working behind the scenes for months with Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Programs Christie Aird.

The Aurora community should demand that only Aurora community members may serve on the committee, and at the next election, they should get rid of any school board member who supports any “transgender” policy.

It’s amazing how, when you’re so rabidly anti-LGBT, you only see people through their sexuality instead of their humanity. They don’t understand how having transgendered people (or their allies) inform the school district about policy decisions regarding other transgendered people might be a wise move.

Oh. And the Illinois Family Institute, which was so instrumental in getting the pro-transgender policy revoked, is based in Carol Stream, Illinois, about 40 minutes away from East Aurora.

So no outside groups or individuals should have anything to do with this issue… unless you’re an IFI staffer, in which case it’s perfectly acceptable for you to butt in with your bigotry from afar.


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