LeFlore County Commissioners in Oklahoma Doubt Anyone Will Care About Their Ten Commandments Monument November 13, 2012

LeFlore County Commissioners in Oklahoma Doubt Anyone Will Care About Their Ten Commandments Monument

The LeFlore County commissioners in Oklahoma want to get sued.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to them, either — they know what they’re doing is wrong but they’re hoping that, since no one’s complained yet, we’ll all be silent in the future, too.

The whole controversy involves a Ten Commandments monument that the commissioners want to place on the courthouse property:

A Ten Commandments momument sits in Haskell County, Oklahoma

Charlie Horsley said he asked commissioners Nov. 5 to consider the proposal on behalf of former Poteau Mayor Don Barnes, who has pursued the monument for years but has recently had health problems.

Horsley said supporters of the LeFlore County monument wanted to revive their plan at least partly because they believe that the Haskell County monument has remained on county property without objection.

“LeFlore County is the Ten Commandments capital,” Horsley said. “We have a Ten Commandments sign in every town in LeFlore County.”

He said the effort is influenced by American history, not religion. County courthouses are the perfect setting for the Ten Commandments because the commandments influenced American laws, he added.

“We do believe that the founding fathers used God’s law to help prepare some of the laws we have today,” he said, pointing to commandments not to steal, murder or bear false witness. “That’s all part of our laws. It’s all part of us today.”

First of all, lying isn’t a crime unless you do it under oath. And what about the other Commandments Horsley conveniently forgot? Praying to false idols? Taking the Lord’s name in vain? Keeping the Sabbath day holy? Coveting? All ignored in our laws. And for good reason, too.

If Horsley wants to put up a sign that say, “No Murdering or Stealing in LeFlore County,” he has my support. But he won’t accept that because he knows damn well this is all about putting his religion on public property.

These commissioners have seen towns around them get sued and yet they’re considering going through with this, anyway. That’s true delusion: to see it happen to others but think it won’t happen to you.

Well, people are paying attention, and if he gets the county to put the monument up, rest assured there are church/state separation groups just waiting to file the lawsuit.

(Thanks to Beau for the link!)

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