Humanist Community at Stanford Launches November 9, 2012

Humanist Community at Stanford Launches

As of today, the Humanist Community at Stanford is up and running with Chaplain John Figdor at its helm:

“If Stanford is going to provide resources such as funding for programs and activities to promote religious life at the university and Chaplains for religious students, then Stanford should provide those resources for Atheist, Humanist, and Agnostic students as well.

I worked with John at the Secular Student Alliance and I have no doubt this group is in good hands. He has a lot of experience in this position, too, previous working under Greg Epstein at Harvard. And for anyone who cringes at the word “chaplain,” well… get over it. Look beyond the word and find out what John is actually doing.

Most important on the list? Humanist counseling:

To give you some sense of what students come to talk to me about, some typical conversations I have with students include illness or death in one’s family (or one’s own illness); concerns about dating and relationships, particularly relationships in academia; work/life balance issues, philosophical questions including whether God exists, questions about the positive meaning and purpose of life, and the existence of free will; what Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic, etc. organizations are available locally and nationally, and how one can get involved with them; coming out as an Atheist, Humanist, or Agnostic, and how talk about it with your family and friends; interests in Christian Humanism, Secular Humanistic Judaism, Muslim Humanism, Transhumanism, hUUmanism, etc.

This is a great opportunity for the students at that school — and for the Silicon Valley community as a whole. You can subscribe to their Facebook page, too, to stay informed about upcoming events.

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