Nicolas Cage to Star in ‘Left Behind’ Movie November 8, 2012

Nicolas Cage to Star in ‘Left Behind’ Movie

In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined this.

Nicolas Cage is signed on to star in Arclight Films’ reboot of Left Behind, the best-selling Christian book series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins to, I assume, scare the crap out of 13-year-old Christian kids.

“YOU are going to want to see this shit, man.”

The series was originally brought to life by everyone’s favorite 80s-sitcom-star-turned-crazy-Christian, Kirk Cameron.

But enough about that.

GUYS.  Nicolas Cage, possibly the best worst actor of all time, is going to be in what is going to invariably be a movie worthy of our mockery.

Unfortunately, the IMDB page for the movie is pretty sparse, but it looks like Vic Armostrong, who has had an insane stunt career, is signed on to direct.  It appears to be his first venture into the director’s chair, but the man was Harrison Ford‘s stunt double in the Indiana Jones films for godssake, so I am willing to get on board for that particular choice.

It’s slated to release in 2014.  So… Friendly Atheist Watch Party, yes?

Let’s just hope there will be some of this caliber of acting in the film:

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