We Are Atheism Loves You and the SK November 5, 2012

We Are Atheism Loves You and the SK

Skepticon is how we mark our year. For it was Skepticon 3 that brought us into this movement. Now, two years later… we own AtheismResource.comWeAreAtheism.comAllThingsAtheism.com, and offer discount printing for atheists at VossVisuals.com/atheism/. My wife, Amanda Brown, and myself have been able to travel around the country attending events and serving as local, regional, and national activists. My wife has appeared in the “Nude Revolutionaries” calendar with Greta Christina and Emily Dietle, and even won the Secular Student Alliance’s top award “Individual Activist of the Year” for 2012!But, with all that commotion… it’s always nice to come home to Springfield, MO… literally and figuratively. You see, I actually grew up in Springfield. I moved away almost 5 years ago to the Kansas City area. Growing up in SW Missouri, there was nothing like Skepticon around. You can read my full story here: ADAM BROWN’s story from Christianity to Reason

I contacted JT Eberhard shortly before Skepticon 3 (first time I had heard about it) to see if I could help. I ended up designing the shirts and printing the calendars. That’s when I launched AtheismResource.com (JT became a guest writer for our site before his blogging career took off). Since then, we’ve done a lot. Each year, we try to offer something new and different at the event. This year, we have turned WeAreAtheism.com into a legal business in order to become a 501c3. We will be showing off our new “ATHEIST CLOSET”.You’ll have to see it there (or pics after), but imagine this PVC frame:

…with this banner on the front.

Inside, we will be able to record your story for the website. You can then take your picture “coming out” of the closet to share online… and you’ll even get a “I just came out of the atheist closet” sticker to wear (lol). We come to these events to get these stories… so we hope there will be a line at this new display. We will have a dry erase board to write a message on for your picture, as well.

We live in a day and age when religion still has a firm grasp on the way we all live our lives.  Research and experience have now shown us that the best way to change this is for people like you and I to stand up, speak out, & be counted. We Are Atheism has been able to allow hundreds of people to share their stories and say in their own words as to why it’s ok to be an atheist.

Now its time for “Step 2″.  We are getting ready to launch a Spanish site in South America and reach more by people by attending conferences across the United States and around the World.  But unfortunately, we cannot afford to this on our own.  We need the help of men and women that believe in the cause of fighting for a secular society, a place where all people can feel safe without religion telling them how to live their lives.  We are asking you to consider a donation to our campaign.

These funds will be used for:

  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Booth Space at Conferences
  • Travel
  • Marketing Material
  • Technological Improvements
  • “Portable” Closets for Atheists to share their stories (see below)
  • 501(c)3 Status/legal fees

With your donations we will be able to achieve our not-for-profit status allowing you to write off your donations as a tax deductible expense. We will be able to go to numerous conferences in regions that have yet to hear about us and get stories on YouTube of atheists crying out to be heard. We will give them a platform to say what needs to be said and to provide encouragement to those who have not yet said it.

We will also be displaying a new painting of Richard Dawkins (who totally made a video for our site!), for a silent auction. This image is only 2 hours into a 6 hour painting… so it will look much better by this weekend at Skepticon. Highest bidder wins (if reserve is met). All proceeds will go to help WeAreAtheism.com. Come by our booth. Say hello. Show your support. Shoot a video! We look forward to seeing all our fans there and coming HOME for the best Skepticon yet!!!


Help us by donating to our campaign… one time, or monthly:

CONTRIBUTE to WeAreAtheism.com’s efforts!

Support what we do?

Follow-Us on Facebook: FACEBOOK – AtheismResource.com or FACEBOOK – WeAreAtheism.com


This is a guest post by Adam Brown, co-owner of Voss Visuals, a design and marketing firm that specializes in banners, brochures, postcards, business cards, signs, and website hosting that is affordably priced and discounted for secular groups. He also co-owns AtheismResource.com which got over 700,000 visits last year and WeAreAtheism.com which he runs with his wife Amanda. He serves as the Marketing Director for SOMA. As a former evangelical Christian, he is perfectly suited to understand both sides of this journey and helps others recover from the religion he escaped over a decade ago. He has been a long time friend of the  Skepticon convention happening next week. If you’d like to make a donation to the largest free skeptic conference in the nation held in Springfield, Missouri, you can do so here. We appreciate your support!

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