Skepticon Takeover! November 5, 2012

Skepticon Takeover!

Hello friends!

Today, in a an effort to raise the final funds needed to put on Skepticon, the Skeptiteam is going to be taking over The Friendly Atheist Blog for the next 12 hours. MWAHAHAHAA!

What does this mean? We’re posting stuff! Every hour! For the next twelve hours! YEAH!!!

As some of you may know, the Skepticon Team put out a call for help last Friday and boy howdy did the internet come to our rescue and then some. However, we’re not out of the woods, yet! As Jeffrey and Micah of Team Skepticon negotiate this afternoon with our venue/hotel, there is still no telling how large our bill will be.

Being skeptipeople of action, we are doing our best to raise as much funding as possible in order to make this event happen. We would like to thank Hemant super very much a lot times five million for allowing us to take over his blog for the day to do a blogathon as well as thank all of the internet for being so darned cool.

So, as the day goes on and you find that like our posts or think we’re super neat, feel free to donate. Each and every dollar raised goes straight to our event, as Skepticon is entirely volunteer powered.

Here we go!


This is a guest post by Lauren Lane. She is part of the team putting together the Skepticon convention next week. If you’d like to make a donation to the largest free skeptic conference in the nation held in Springfield, Missouri, you can do so here. We appreciate your support!

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