Do You Have Friends Who Live In Washington State? November 4, 2012

Do You Have Friends Who Live In Washington State?

We are on the verge of making history in Washington State. Do you want to see the freedom to marry extended to all loving & committed gay and lesbian couples in Washington State?

Then please follow this link!

This Facebook app will cross reference your friends list with county records so that you can see which of your friends haven’t gotten their ballots in. You’ll have the opportunity to write them a quick note explaining why this issue is so important to you and encourage them to get their ballots in.

Washington State is a vote-by-mail state without polling places. Everyone must either mail in their ballots and have them postmarked by Nov. 6thOR get them to one of hundreds of dropboxes around the state by 8:00p on Tuesday.

And we desperately need every supportive vote we can get to APPROVE Ref. 74. The opposition has been pouring out their lies and misleading falsehoods through TV and radio ads. Their tactics are working — we’ve seen our healthy lead shrink to just a few points. That’s exactly what happened in California when marriage equality was overturned with Prop 8.  Now our biggest push is to get every supportive ballot in by Tuesday night so that we can make history with a victory for love.

UPDATE: Some have voiced concerns about Facebook being able to see if you’ve voted. It’s actually public knowledge who’s registered to vote and whether you’ve voted in each election. That’s also how people get on phone lists for political calls. Those who live in mail-in only states like Washington can avoid all of the robo-calls by mailing in their ballots as soon as they get them.

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