A Church’s Billboard Gives Atheists a Second Chance for Publicity November 4, 2012

A Church’s Billboard Gives Atheists a Second Chance for Publicity

Here’s a simple question: Why do atheist groups put up billboards?

Here’s a simple answer that no one seems to get: Because they get attention. They get press coverage. They get people talking about atheism and religion and the local groups. And, yes, they catch the eye of people who might be atheists but unsure of who to talk to about it.

So if Christians *really* wanted atheist groups to stop putting up the billboards, all they’d have to do is stop drawing attention to them.

Thankfully, that’s not happening.

Back in September, the Bluegrass Coalition of Reason in Kentucky put up its first billboard:

In response, the Lafayette Church of the Nazarene put up this sign outside their church:

The media took notice… and I suspect that surprised everyone at the church because they’re not used to press coverage like that.

So now, they’re taking it up another notch. They’re buying a billboard of their own, mimicking the atheists’ sign, in a hope to draw even more attention their way:

“They asked ‘Don’t believe in God? Join the club.’ We responded with “We believe in God. Join the right club,’” said Jared K. Henry, pastor of the Lafayette Church of the Nazarene.

The pastor hopes their new billboard, which goes up on Monday, will lead lead the curious to his church. He says church members were the ones who pushed for the response.

The design started out on a bumper sticker, one he’s glad to hand out.

“There’s people that believe in God, not only that he exists but that he’s active in our world,” said Henry.

Amazing! There are people who believe in God in Kentucky! Who knew!

The best part is that the atheists’ campaign was over. The billboard was taken down a month ago, at the beginning of October, and that meant the resulting publicity had pretty much stopped, too.

But the church just resurrected the Bluegrass Coalition of Reason, giving them new life and another chance to introduce themselves to local residents who may not believe in God — hell, that might even include members of that church 🙂

Everyone thank Jesus!

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