Mitt Romney Explains How Jesus Won’t Be Making a Comeback in Missouri November 1, 2012

Mitt Romney Explains How Jesus Won’t Be Making a Comeback in Missouri

Things Mitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about: His taxes (presumably because they make him look bad), his time spent in Bizarro World when his stances were completely different than they are now (in other words, about five minutes ago), and his Mormonism.

That makes this video, taken from a presumably off-air-and-totally-not-videotaped interview with WHO-AM conservative host Jan Mickelson, especially entertaining because Romney talks about Mormon beliefs and we’re all reminded of how completely absurd they are.

The relevant portion begins at 10:40 (after Romney explains how he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade). Mickelson tells Romney that he shouldn’t be distancing himself from his faith during this election because, if he talks about it openly, more people might actually vote for him. Romney insists that’s he’s not distancing himself from his Mormonism at all (though he still says he supports church/state separation):

This is the quotation making the rounds (16:02), regarding where Jesus will begin his comeback tour: Missouri or Jerusalem.

Here’s Romney, insisting that Mormon views are in line with fundamentalist Christians on that front:

The Church says that Christ appears on the Mount of Olives, and splits the Mount of Olives and appears in Jerusalem. That’s what the Church says. And then over a thousand years… the world is reigned in two places, Jerusalem and Missouri. That’s what the Church says. The Second Coming, the arrival of Jesus Christ, our church says, is in Jerusalem.”

See? It’s… um… totally sane to believe that stuff as an adult.

I know we complain a lot about how politicians pander to the religious even if they don’t believe what they’re saying. This is one of those times I wish that were really the case. But it’s not. Romney fully buys into it and that should be frightening to everybody.

Remember: This is the man who wants to run one of the most powerful countries in the world.


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