In Florida, a Robocall from a Christian Right Organization November 1, 2012

In Florida, a Robocall from a Christian Right Organization

This email came in from reader Annie. I’m kind of curious about it myself, so I’m posting it in full:

While working from home this afternoon, I received a phone call from an “out of area” phone number that I didn’t recognize. I live in Florida, a battleground state, and often disregard such calls as it is usually a robocall from the Romney campaign. For some reason, I decided to answer it.

I waited a few seconds, a telltale sign that a recording will soon follow, and was asked by someone with a women’s voice if I would be willing to take a brief, three question survey for the American Family Association. Recognizing this organization’s name from past readings about religious hate groups, I decided to play along.

The first question asked (and I am paraphrasing here, as I did not record the call), “Do you agree with Billy Graham’s statement that it is important to vote for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles, who protect the sanctity of life, and who support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman? Press one if you agree with this statement. Press two if you disagree.”

This was a no-brainer for me and I quickly pressed two. The next thing I knew, the voice said, “Thank you for sharing your opinion,” and the call was terminated. What happened to the other two questions? Apparently, this wasn’t simply an opinion survey, but rather a “survey” where there were right and wrong answers.

I would be curious to know if other readers have received similar automated calls. I would also be curious, if anyone pressed one after the first question, in knowing what other questions followed.

Weird. What’s that all about?

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