Are You Crazy If You Don’t Accept Science? October 30, 2012

Are You Crazy If You Don’t Accept Science?

I would argue that those who reject the overwhelming evidence supporting evolution are willfully ignorant. Living in a fantasy world. Delusional. Maybe not crazy, only because that suggests to me a state you don’t have complete control over, but in colloquial terms, it fits.

Which brings us to this conversation from Sunday’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” between the host, blogger Andrew Sullican, and PBS’ Gwen Ifill in which they talk about the rightward shift of the Republican Party and its tendency to be, among other things, anti-science:

(image via ABC News)

IFILL:… But, you know, I’ve interviewed both Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. And here’s the thing. Neither of them come — I don’t like the words crazy and insane to describe people who are actually trying to put themselves forward to run for public office and represent people, because both of them are speaking to constituencies in their states, in Missouri and Indiana, who respond to what they say, who believe that life believes at conception.

So they don’t think what Richard Mourdock said was crazy. They’re not so — they didn’t like what Akin said about rape, women’s bodies shutting down, but they were willing to forgive him for it. And that’s why those races are closer…

STEPHANOPOULOS: And he’s not out of it right now.

IFILL: Akin is not out of it, and Mourdock is not out of it.

SULLIVAN: He’s crazy to believe that evolution is a lie.

IFILL: And you may disagree, but I’m talking about what it takes to get Senate candidates elected in these conservative states.

SULLIVAN: But I’m just saying, on the principles, they deny that evolution takes place. I think that puts you in a crazy category.

Yes, in addition to their awful views on rape and women, Republican candidates who deny evolution are simply unfit to be in a position of power where dealing with evidence and exhibiting logical thinking ought to be prerequisites.

Guess who didn’t take Sullivan’s comments very well?

The Creation Museum’s Ken Ham:

So there you have it. If you don’t believe in evolution, you are “crazy.” Of course, if people like Andrew Sullivan would actually attempt to defend molecules-to-man evolution, then we would see how bankrupt their religion of evolution really is. But such people say whatever they want — and because they have the ear of the secular media, they can publicly make such outlandish statements. It’s all a part of the continued maligning of Christians and those who believe God’s Word.

Riiiiight. Evolution is a religion that requires faith and its proponents can spread those ideas with the help of the mainstream media — because they’re in on the whole conspiracy.

Ham’s may not be medically crazy. But the man sure knows how to lie to himself to the point where he believes his own bullshit.

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