Former Pastor Starts Church and Teaches Atheist Bible Study October 26, 2012

Former Pastor Starts Church and Teaches Atheist Bible Study

Back in March, on the weekend of the Reason Rally, Pastor Mike Aus declared his atheism publicly for the first time ever on Up with Chris Hayes:

You might be wondering: What’s he up to now?

Among other things, he has started a “church” for atheists (Alain de Botton would be proud):

Aus, along with several other atheists, freethinkers and secular humanists in Houston, launched Houston Oasis, a community grounded in reason rather than revelation, celebrating the human experience as opposed to any deity. The first of these Sunday morning gatherings was held in early September and featured live music by local artists, personal testimonies, a message and time for fellowship.

While Houston Oasis may look, sound and act like a traditional church, it is fundamentally different, reaching out to the growing population of religiously non-affiliated “nones” who are leaving established religion in droves.

Houston Oasis had 40 people at its first service and organizers say its audience is growing.

Aus also gave a recent seminar introducing the Bible to atheists and video is now available (as is a separate Q&A). Who better to talk about the subject than a former pastor!

Former pastor and Houston Atheists Co-Organizer Mike Aus provides a general introduction to the history and contents of the Bible, with a special focus on the New Testament. Mike discusses the process of canonization, as well as some of the more blatant contradictions, anachronisms, and other problems in the text.

As always, if you see any part you particularly like, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments!

(Thanks to Vic for the link!)

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