Is This Milk Carton An Example Of ‘Gay Propaganda’? October 22, 2012

Is This Milk Carton An Example Of ‘Gay Propaganda’?

Some people in Russia seem to think so.

The People’s Council, an anti-gay group in Russia, was deeply disturbed to see milk cartons featuring this design. Members of the group say the rainbows on the milk cartons constitute gay indoctrination targeting innocent children. Or something along those lines.

This March, St. Petersburg outlawed “gay propaganda” as a way to “help to protect children from information manipulation by minorities that promote sodomy.” The measure vaguely bans “public action aimed at propagandising sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism, and transgenderism among minors,” with a fine of 5,000 to 500,000 rubles (roughly $160-$16,000) for breaking the law.

Anatoly Artukh of the People’s Council largely blames Pepsi Co., the owner of the milk carton brand — and, apparently, a threat to Russian wellbeing:

“A rainbow appeared on the cartons, a world-renowned symbol of the gay movement,” he said. “That immediately put me on alert.”

“I have no doubts about Pepsi Cola,” Artukh added. “This is a company renowned for actively and aggressively financing and promoting homosexuality.”

The People’s Council is also one of the groups suing Madonna for $10 million for “moral damage” after she slammed the propaganda law at a concert in St. Petersburg this summer.

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