In Pennsylvania, It’s Now ‘Prayer Month’ During the ‘Year of the Bible’ October 17, 2012

In Pennsylvania, It’s Now ‘Prayer Month’ During the ‘Year of the Bible’

The same state that is currently celebrating the “Year of the Bible” has decided that’s not enough.

Twenty Pennsylvania legislators just introduced a “noncontroversial” resolution to recognize October, 2012 (a month that’s already half over…) as “Prayer Month” (PDF):

WHEREAS, With this right, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania designates October 2012 as Prayer Month for the purpose of setting aside time to pray

WHEREAS, Prayer Month is a time to ask for healing for ourselves and the nation…

WHEREAS, This special month is also a time to bring people together in true unity and to bring mutual trust, knowledge, justice and cooperation…

RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives declare October 2012 as “Prayer Month” in Pennsylvania; and be it further

RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to each church of the 180th Legislative District participating in the peace march on October 13, 2012.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation can’t believe it and they urged elected leaders to put a stop to it:

House Resolution 922 is scheduled for a vote today. These are not “noncontroversial” resolutions; they are divisive and should not be put up for a vote by House leadership. You must stop the House of Representatives, which is charged with representing all citizens, from being used for gratuitous pandering to a select religious constituency.

… The resolution excludes many nonreligious citizens in your state and violates federal and state constitutional proscriptions against religious preference. We reiterate our call for the House to get off its knees and get to work. Leave the religious posturing to private citizens and houses of worship, which are free, unlike government officials, to proselytize.

FFRF’s words didn’t help.

Earlier today, the resolution passed 189-2. The only representatives voting against it were Babette Josephs (previously mentioned here) and Michael H. O’Brien.

So… it’s “Prayer Month” during the “Year of the Bible.” Who wants to bet that, next week, one of these legislators will declare it Jesus Day?

Next year, Pennsylvania better have Blasphemy Month during the Year of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

(via Justin Vacula)

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