Beautiful Commercial, Ugly Reactions October 10, 2012

Beautiful Commercial, Ugly Reactions

Fun fact about myself:  Literally every single thing makes me cry. Videos of soldiers coming home, sports highlight reels, weddings, funerals, a particularly adorable puppy, compliments, every Disney movie, and commercials.

Oh, commercials.  30-60 seconds of emotional manipulation.   I think it started with that Folgers commercial when Peter surprises his family by coming home for Christmas and, I don’t know, brews coffee or something.  Also, every single Google Chrome commercial.

So when I watched this touching Expedia commercial, I cried.  As usual.  My coworkers have stopped asking me what’s wrong when they see me dabbing my eyes at my desk.

If you can’t see the video, it’s a really sweet story about a father, Artie Goldstein, flying across the country to attend the wedding of his daughter, Jill Goldstein, to Nikki Weiss.  It focuses on the emotional journey of his struggle to accept the fact that his daughter is gay, and culminates in a really touching (read: tear-inducing) speech at the wedding:

When Jill was born, there was a certain spark in her eye and a glow in her heart that quickly became very apparent to Julie and I. When she got a little older, all of a sudden, that spark that I look for in your eyes and your heart, I didn’t see.  And it pained us greatly. And all of a sudden: Bam! There’s Nikki, and that spark is back.  And we are just so happy that we have our Jill back, and now we have Nikki. And we love you both.

The company’s slogan “Find Your Understanding” comes up.  Et tu, Expedia? It’s getting harder and harder to watch television without roller coasters of emotions, you know.

Lovely commercial, right?  A father coming to terms with who his daughter is and being truly happy for her.  Touching, right?  Tale as old as time, right?


Well, if you’re a certain type of Christian, that is.

Buzzfeed put together a compilation of some of the ickiest responses:

That last one is my favorite because it reminds me of Rick Santorum and how church/state separation makes him want to throw up.

Big ups, as always, to Christian L-O-V-E.

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