The Bible-Promoting Cheerleaders in Kountze, Texas Go To Court October 4, 2012

The Bible-Promoting Cheerleaders in Kountze, Texas Go To Court

Good Morning America had a story this morning about the Kountze Independent School District cheerleaders and their football run-through banners with Bible verses on them:

My favorite part of the clip has to be the banner they featured in the segment:

If God is for us, who can be against us?

I don’t know… how about the other team?! And atheists. And Constitutional scholars. And, heck, God Himself if you’re gay or lesbian.

The cheerleaders aren’t helping their case when they admit this is all about promoting Jesus:

Kieara Moffett, a cheerleader at Kountze High School, said that the she believes this is about freedom of expression.

“They have the right to say whatever they want,” she said. “But it’s our religion and we want to portray that.”

Then do it in church. Do it at home. Do it anywhere you want, really. In fact, one of the only places you can’t promote your faith is when you’re representing your public school. The courts have agreed with that idea repeatedly.

The two sides were in court earlier today arguing this case in front of a judge. Now, it’s in his hands. If he allows the verses to continue, you can bet the case will be appealed and overturned.

But it shouldn’t come to that. A judge who respects the law should rule against these banners.

***Update***: Judge Steve Thomas temporarily extended the order allowing the cheerleaders to display their banners for a little while longer. The court will revisit the issue on October 18th.

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