A Documentary About Anti-Caste System Activists in India October 4, 2012

A Documentary About Anti-Caste System Activists in India

My friend Gregory Walsh is working on a documentary about a pair of human rights activists in India trying to make things better for the dalits (the “untouchables”) under the caste system.

For 20 days, we lived and worked with two of Video Volunteers’ community correspondents, Varsha Jawalkgekar and Mukesh Rajak, producing a pair of short films about their lives and work.

During the short time we spent with Varsha and Mukesh, we were privileged to be witness to the profound, transformative moral progress occuring through their work and we quickly realized that Varsha and Mukesh’s stories were so compelling that they warranted something more significant than a couple of short films.

We saw Varsha and Mukesh empowering entire communities despite facing harassment, imprisonment and even death threats from an opposition that will fight to maintain the power dynamics that have been in place for centuries. Victory to Change was born out of our desire to do justice to this amazing story of courage, dedication, and grassroots social activism.

If you think this project is worth supporting, consider donating to them at Indiegogo.

And if you’d like more of an incentive, just check out this awesome anti-superstition song performed by some of the people in the village the filmmakers were in:

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