Secular Woman Offers Free Membership to Secular Students October 1, 2012

Secular Woman Offers Free Membership to Secular Students

Up until now, Secular Woman membership for students has cost $10.

As of today, that price has been reduced… to nothing!

For the next two weeks, student members of the Secular Student Alliance and its affiliates can obtain free membership (regardless of gender):

“Secular Woman is very excited about this new strategic partnership with the SSA,” said SW President Kim Rippere. “We are eager to tap into the energy and passion of these secular students as we build programs to increase diversity in the secular movement. We’re also hopeful that cooperation between Secular Woman and the SSA will help campus groups to attract and retain more women members.

SSA Executive Director August Brunsman agreed. “Students are shaping the future of the secular movement, and they’re shaping it toward gender parity. Can you picture a social movement succeeding without gender parity? Because I can’t. Secular Woman is an organization whose time has very much come.

Why join? Membership in the group gives those who identify as women access to conference travel grants, among other things. Even if you’re male, this is a worthy cause to support (and it requires very little effort on your part). ***Edit***: Campus activists will receive the private membership link starting today in a series of e-mail updates from the SSA campus organizing team.

I know I’m planning to take advantage of this opportunity. Hope you join me!

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