Who’s Calling Whom A Liar? Marriage Equality Opponents Bear False Witness September 26, 2012

Who’s Calling Whom A Liar? Marriage Equality Opponents Bear False Witness

Preserve Marriage Washington, the group working to overturn marriage equality in Washington State wrote an exceedingly hypocritical post on their blog.

Here’s the background: Washington United for Marriage recently began running the ad you see below which describes how one woman’s daughter wasn’t able to be visited by her partner in the hospital after she suffered a cancer-related seizure. Hospital staff wouldn’t even call her. Why? Because they weren’t married; they were “only domestic partners.”

Preserve Marriage Washington pitched a little fit:

Calling this a “pants on fire” misrepresentation, Preserve Marriage Washington Communications Director Chip White said, “This claim is a bold-faced lie.”

As explained on the Washington State Hospital Association’s website at http://www.wsha.org/bulletinDetails.cfm?EID=6275, “Washington State has a legal requirement under the domestic partnership law enacted in 2007 that state registered domestic partners be granted the same visitation rights ‘as a spouse’ when in a health care facility…”

What’s described in the ad is not a lie. And it’s not unusual. On paper, domestic partnership is supposed to provide the same rights but it never really does. People don’t see domestic partnerships as equal to marriage so they’re not treated equally, even in hospitals, leading to couples being denied the right to be with each other in times of crisis. Time and time again, same-sex couples are treated separately and not equally. And the people at Preserve Marriage Washington know this.

The opponents of marriage equality have convinced voters with lies like these 32 times. They’re gearing up now to plaster the airwaves with even more falsehoods and it churns my stomach. Please consider donating to Washington United for Marriage because their campaign has a very real chance of winning this time and breaking the cycle.

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