Say Hello to Daniel Fincke September 14, 2012

Say Hello to Daniel Fincke

Richard Wade here.

The overall I.Q. at Patheos blogs just got significantly higher, and the atheist channel is the immediate beneficiary of that additional brainpower. Dan Fincke (pronounced “fink-eh”) is bringing his blog Camels With Hammers from FreeThought Blogs to Patheos.

For the last few years it has been my esteemed privilege and honor to call Dan, and be called by him, “friend.” This is a term that I never use lightly. Now it is my great pleasure to welcome my friend to this more diverse neighborhood. With his thoughtful, challenging, and unflinchingly honest writing, Dan explores atheism and a wide variety of topics through the lens of philosophy, going all the way to the bottom of an idea like a deep sea submersible.

Similes and metaphors about deepness often come to mind, because he is a truly deep thinker. Like the dedicated and skilled philosophy professor that he is, he will guide you fathom by fathom all the way to the ground of an issue and all the way back to the surface. I usually emerge from these voyages a little out of breath, but definitely enriched for it.

Underneath his formidable intellect and integrity is a very earnestly caring, even tender man, who genuinely loves his species and delights at discovering the humor that is always present in his and in all of our humanity. With practiced ease he can and will disassemble someone’s fallacy, hypocrisy, duplicity, bigotry, or insincerity into tiny pieces, yet I have never seen him bully or personally humiliate the person who practiced those things. He urges people to reason their way through issues that are sizzling with emotion, and how he urges them is an excellent example of reasoned persuasion right there. He’s also just as willing to consider someone else’s well-reasoned argument and let its merits persuade him to change his view.

Please go visit his new home, and make it a regular part of your blogging routine. If you wish to say your welcomes here, please be sure to also say them over in the comments on his site.

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