This Must Be a New Proselytizing Technique… September 12, 2012

This Must Be a New Proselytizing Technique…

Earlier today at the University of South Alabama, a Christian student climbed onto a JagTran shuttle (the campus-owned bus) and began preaching.

This is how Daily Kos contributor weatherdude, who was on the bus at the time, explained it:

[She] ran on the bus and shouted “I’m from [some organization I didn’t catch the name of] and I’d like to save your souls in the name of Jesus.” She stood at the front of the bus and put her arms up on both poles, effectively blocking the entrance so people could neither get on nor off.

Even worse, “the bus driver shut the radio and bus engine off and joined in.”

Wait, what?

There’s low-quality video of the incident but you can barely make anything out. In any case, the bus was stopped for two minutes. Good thing no one had anywhere important to go…

“I’m late for my test because someone on the bus washed my sins in the name of Jesus” isn’t a valid excuse to professors.

Here are the bigger questions:

  • What is the university going to do to prevent things like this from happening again?
  • What the heck was the bus driver thinking and will be get reprimanded?
  • Would this behavior have been condoned had the proselytizer been Muslim, atheist, or Mormon?

Weatherdude seems to have little hope that anything will change:

There’s not much I can do on my end. The administration does the same thing — during my freshman orientation, an administrator led a group of 400 or 500 people in open Christian prayer. It’s like they’re daring someone to sue them.


If that’s true, someone needs to document it and let FFRF or the ACLU know. No public school should be doing this and it’s shameful that the Christians think the best way to spread their message is by trapping people in situations that aren’t easy to get out of.

(Thanks to Lena for the link)

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