Pat Robertson Longs for the Good Ol’ Days of Wife-Beating September 10, 2012

Pat Robertson Longs for the Good Ol’ Days of Wife-Beating

Pat Robertson is still the worst, everyone!

Today, on the 700 Club, he was giving out his sterling advice to a man with marital problems:

My wife has become a real problem.  She has no respect for me as the head of the house.  She insults me and she even went as far as stretching her hand to beat me.  I’ve lost my self confidence.  Her words hurt so much and she refuses to talk through our problems.  Please tell me what I can do. — Michael

Sounds like this guy has legitimate issues with his marriage.  If he has a wife that is degrading and verbally abusing him, they need to talk to a counselor.  These are real life issues that need to be handled delicately.

Don’t worry, guys.  Pat’s got this one.

Well, you could become a Muslim and you could beat her.

Nailed it.

This man’s gotta stand up to her, and he can’t let her get away with this stuff.  And… I don’t know … I don’t think we condone wife-beating these days, but something’s gotta be done… She’s rebellious and chances are she was rebellious with her father and mother, she’s a rebellious child and she doesn’t want to submit to any authority.  And she probably had temper tantrums when she was a kid… you know the little girl, “I hate you, I hate you!” and she wants to slap her father?  Well that’s the same kinda thing; she’s just transferred the father… she might… I hate to say everything’s gotta be some psychological counseling… But that’s the problem. She does not understand authority.  When she was growing up nobody made her behave.  And now you’ve got a 13-year-old in a 30-year-old woman’s body and she is acting like a child.  Now, what do you do with that?  You can’t divorce her, according to the scripture. So I say, move to Saudi Arabia.

Yup.  Divorce is eeeeeeevil, so just go ahead and beat some sense into your immature child-wife.

Side note: I used to work with horses on a ranch in Montana.  We had this huge, massive horse named Hobbs, who was sweet as a puppy. But he was never taught manners by his previous owners, so he wasn’t respectful of a person’s personal space… which can be dangerous in a one-ton animal.  At some point, I channeled my inner-Robertson and said something along the lines of, “[He] does not understand authority.  When [he] was growing up nobody made [him] behave.  And now you have a [foal] in a [1,800 pound horse]’s body and [he] is acting like a [puppy].”

Here’s the thing.  I spoke with more respect about that horse than Robertson does about a human adult.  And I never, ever hit or suggested hitting him.  Because there are other methods to make horses understand you.  AND THEY DON’T EVEN FREAKING SPEAK ENGLISH.

Oh, the infantilization.  The utter lack of respect.  The terrible, terrible non-advice.

I hope no one is fooled for a single second that Robertson doesn’t think that beating a woman for “misbehaving” is fine, if not slightly out of fashion.

Keep it coming, Robertson, you crazy old dingbat.  You keep talking and hopefully people will start waking up to the fact that the religion you are preaching is misogynistic, violent, and hateful.

(Via Right Wing Watch)

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