Kirk Cameron Talks About His Atheist Past, ‘Liberal Press’ September 10, 2012

Kirk Cameron Talks About His Atheist Past, ‘Liberal Press’

For several months, former Growing Pains star Kirk Cameron has been under fire from LGBT activists for an interview with Piers Morgan in which Cameron said homosexuality was “unnatural,” “detrimental,” and “destructive.” Cameron is a born-again Christian who speaks frequently about how his faith affects his life.

As recently as July, Cameron made headlines again for refusing to meet with LGBT youth while he was headlining a religious anti-marriage-equality event in New Jersey.

In an interview with Naples News this week, he said in spite of all the bad press he’s received, he’s apparently content to have stuck by his values.

“I’m OK with the way things worked out,” said Cameron. “That’s not to say there’s not a better way of saying something. I think Todd Akin would agree with that.”

After the awkward Todd Akin reference, Cameron continued by blaming the media for the backlash against his comments:

Cameron says it was simply a case of the “liberal press” looking for things to twist and take out of context.

“If Piers Morgan were truly concerned about the homosexual community, concerned with people being hurt, he could have eliminated that section, like he did many other parts of our conversation,” Cameron said.

Cameron also spoke briefly about his time as an atheist during his teen years:

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Cameron says of his time as an atheist that he’s as religious now as he was then, “only instead of serving me, I serve God.”

Cameron’s conversion came around age 18. He says that when he examined what the Bible said, he humbled himself, and perhaps, was literally saved.

The best part of this whole debacle? CCOKC, or Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron, the Funny or Die video featuring other child stars who denounced Cameron’s comments and announced their support for LGBT equality. (Yes, it’s pronounced “cock,” and no, it’s NSFW.)

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