Australian Doctor Tries to Medicate the Gay Away September 6, 2012

Australian Doctor Tries to Medicate the Gay Away

When a young New Zealand man came out to his church leader as gay, he was sat down and told that however he identified was perfect in the eyes of God.  He was told that his church was an extension of his family, and they loved him — unconditionally — no matter what.

Wait… no, I’m sorry that didn’t happen.  

His church leader sent him to a doctor who prescribed hormone therapy to chemically castrate him.

Yeah, that’s the Christian love we’ve come to expect.

The man in question has come forward in a letter to the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission about coming out at the age of 18.

He was visiting an Australian church and spoke to the church leader:

…the unnamed man, who is now 24, said that when he came out as gay, a church leader told him “there’s medication you can go on.” He continued, “He recommended that I speak to Dr [Mark] Craddock on the matter with a view to my being placed on medication to help me with my ‘problem’,” the New Zealand resident said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

He was, at the time, a member of the Christian sect Exclusive Brethren Christian Fellowship.  The Exclusive Brethren put a whole lot of stock into marriage and family, so they obviously did not handle the situation well. Dr. Craddock, another member of the sect, prescribed Cyprostat, a hormone therapy commonly used to treat prostate cancer, to “cure the gay.”  Oh, and similar hormone suppression therapy has been used to castrate sex offenders.

Thankfully, Dr. Craddock has been investigated:

A hearing by the Medical Council of the Australian State of New South Wales determined, “Dr Craddock failed to adequately assess the patient and failed to provide appropriate medical management of the patients therapeutic needs,” in an excerpt obtained by Gay Star News. The committee found that Craddock was guilty of “unsatisfactory processional conduct. He was severely reprimanded and practice restrictions were placed on his registration.”

According to another source, he has been banned from practicing as a GP.

In a hearing before the professional standards committee of the Medical Council of NSW in June, Dr Craddock admitted he did not obtain a medical history, conduct a physical examination, take an adequate sexual history or arrange a follow-up appointment.

“So are you allergic to any — eh, screw it! Take a few of these and you’ll be bangin’ the ladies in no time!”

I was unable to find out any long-term affects on the patient, as his name and details have been suppressed due to the lawsuit.

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