Antrim Township Supervisors Begin Meeting with Christian Prayer September 4, 2012

Antrim Township Supervisors Begin Meeting with Christian Prayer

Last week, I posted about the Greencastle-Antrim School District (in Pennsylvania) and how the school board began its meetings with The Lord’s Prayer.

Ernest Perce V, the Pennsylvania State Director of American Atheists, and Carl Silverman (of the PA Nonbelievers) attended a meeting and documented the prayers firsthand.

Now, there’s a bit of an update.

The atheists attended a meeting of the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors (i.e. the City Council) to raise this issue there. Once again, there’s a prayer in the name of Jesus — and to make matters worse, a student representative from the local high school was supposed to be in attendance for the prayer (she arrived late, but so much for the argument that these kinds of prayers are not forced upon students):

At the beginning of the video, you hear a prayer recited. Silverman and Perce speak during the public comments time. And then you get additional statements arguing in favor of Christian prayer (check out the speaker at the 9:00 mark)… all to enthusiastic applause.

The Herald-Mail‎, a local paper, quoted some of the people advocating for prayers:

Greencastle resident Duane Kinzer supported the right to pray at township meetings.

“We are a God-fearing township and community,” Kinzer said.

Greencastle business owner John Helfrick stood in support of the supervisors beginning its meetings with prayer.

“We need to pray to our God mightily in these days,” Helfrick said to a spirited round of applause from the audience.

“There is one God and He is the God that we should be serving,” said Carolyn Snyder of Greencastle.

And, not surprisingly, at the end of the video, the chairman of the board, Fred Young III, told the crowd that as long as he is in his position, the prayers will continue.

Who needs the Constitution anyway, right?

The atheists aren’t going to stop fighting this battle. It’d be nice if there were others at these meetings to support them, but they’ll go at it by themselves if they have to. Later tonight, Silverman and Perce will attend a joint meeting of the Township and School Board to see what occurs there. Updates are forthcoming.

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