Thanks for the Books, Gideons! August 28, 2012

Thanks for the Books, Gideons!

At South Dakota State University, the Skeptics Atheists Agnostics Freethinkers and Empiricists (SAAFE) celebrated their first fall organization fair yesterday with a Fiction 4 Fiction drive.

Students could turn in their holy books and get classic (better written) works of literature in return 🙂

There were 21 Christian groups at the fair, but SAAFE was the sole freethinking group present.

That must have pissed off the Gideons, though, since they were handing out mini-Bibles not too far away… Ultimately, SAAFE ended up with most of their books:

Beautiful. If you’re at the school, consider joining their Facebook group to learn about upcoming meetings!

(via Lots of Tiny Robots)

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