Church Billboard Features Lesbians Atop a Wedding Cake August 28, 2012

Church Billboard Features Lesbians Atop a Wedding Cake

St-Matthew-in-the-City is the Auckland, New Zealand church known for performing civil union ceremonies and putting up the best billboards ever.

They’re now pushing for a marriage equality bill to pass through Parliament and they’ve put up a new ad in its honor:

“It should be of no surprise that St Matthew’s with its long history of supporting the full inclusion of the LGBTQ community in both the church and society endorses the bill. Our question is why would any church not endorse two people making a loving commitment to each other?” Reverend Clay Nelson said.

It’s churches like this that make Christianity look good.

We must destroy them…

(Kidding. They’re awesome. More of this, please.)

(Thanks to Samuel for the link!)

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