Embarrassing Confessions of My Christian Past August 26, 2012

Embarrassing Confessions of My Christian Past

Wow, this is embarrassing. JT Eberhard brought back some very cringe worthy memories from my Christian childhood.  Does anyone remember this song?

Because I do. In fact, I was a big fan of it and played it over and over for a long time. I even had ideas for creating my own video to go along with it. (Yes, I was that awkward as a kid.) I almost don’t want you to watch it. Just take my word on how bad & embarrassingly tacky it is.

In my defense, this was a long time ago. But it does go to show how much can change with time. I used to be that annoying kid who talked about god too much and wanted to share religious stories with people who’d let me. Now I’m a board member with Seattle Atheists and a contributor here.

Changing minds takes time but it does happen. Keep that in mind when you’re talking to fervent believers. Don’t just call them names or tell them they’re stupid. Hear where they’re coming from, play to what they care about, and plant questions in their minds like seeds of reason. Many won’t germinate but some will. Super religious people become atheist activists often enough that they’re worth the investment of our time.

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