Candidates for Political Office Should Respond to These Statements August 26, 2012

Candidates for Political Office Should Respond to These Statements

The folks at Ask An Atheist have put together a list of statements they’d like to see politicians comment on so that we can make a more informed decision on whom to vote for. While some of the statements are silly, many of them warrant a simple Agree/Disagree answer:

The planet Earth is closer to 4.7 billion years than it is to 6,000 years old.


I believe that the United States of America is not officially a Christian nation.

President Barack Obama has provided enough evidence to prove that he is a natural born U.S. Citizen.

A well-qualified candidate’s atheism would not prevent me from voting for or endorsing their candidacy.

I believe that a strong separation between church and the state is the best way to preserve religious liberty.

You can check out the rest of their list here.

They also provide the contact information for candidates in Washington State (where they’re based) so that readers can contact their offices and politely request that the candidates respond to the list.

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