This Is So Funny, You’ll GYBO August 21, 2012

This Is So Funny, You’ll GYBO

Focus on the Family put together back-to-school packets for kids and parents (PDF). Notwithstanding the references to prayer, they’re actually pretty commendable — If they focused on things like this instead of stopping gay couples from experiencing the same kind of joy, maybe everyone wouldn’t despise them as much.

Anyway, they give parents a brief “cheat sheet” so they know about abbreviations they might see in their kids’ text messages or online chats… and this one caught me off-guard:

Yes… *that’s* what the kids say. OMG, that’s hilarious! I’m GMBO!

Here’s what I don’t get. The group is trying to help parents. I know they want to shelter the children from sex and science and swears… but if you’re trying to let parents in on the secrets of what their kids are saying, why not just write LMAO?

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  • Dale

    GMBO – Oh now that’s just hilarious!!!! LMAO!

  • And we just won’t get into GMFBO

  • Guest

    I read how atheists portray people of religious faith… wait.  Scratch that.  Almost all of atheism is focused on Christianity of the conservative/fundamentalist branches.  So, let’s try it again.  I read how atheists portray Christians of conservative/fundamentalist leanings (while hoping that nobody has brains enough to notice this accounts for a small percentage of global Christianity), and I notice something.  It has all the keen and realistic assessments that one would expect from a question about Jewish contributions to Western Civilization asked at a Nuremburg Rally, c. 1938.  In other words, I think I’ll go elsewhere for information about Christians of any stripe if I actually want facts and reality, rather than stupidity with a touch of bigotry thrown in for some self-congratulatory mental masturbation.   And there is so much of that in this post that is actually of a kinder nature than most, that alone speaks volumes.

  • Sven

    Can you point to anything in this blog, anything at all, that isn’t factual or real?

  • Tom_Nightingale

    I’m GMBO right now!

  • EMR

    Somebody’s a little butthurt. Sorry your God isn’t real, bro. 

  • Coyotenose

    “Can you point to anything in this blog, anything at all, that isn’t factual or real?”

    Guest’s troll posts. QED.

  • ROFL, seriously.

  •  Friendly? Fuzzy?

  • Tainda

    Buh Bye!

  • Edmond


  • Matto the Hun

    Right, because I read that part in the beginning where he said “Focus on the Family”, who is representative of all Christians that are, ever were or will be.

    Sounds like you are projecting excessively with that bit about self congratulatory mental masturbation. Why don’t you stick with normal masturbation. You don’t seem to be equipped for the former variety.

  • Is it possible that this is a genuine reflection of a term that’s in common use among children of the fundamentalist christian community?

  • Jenlyn

    ….I really don’t understand this response. This is site is not meant to provide you with information on Christianity. That’s a bit like me going to a vegan restaurant and getting angry they don’t have anything with meat on the menu..and then making a point to tell  them I’m leaving and not coming back because they don’t serve meat.   oiy…

  • jdm8

    Groan on FotF.

    I went to their site to see their PDF.  The PDF has a link to a “more complete list” at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which is a broken link. I finally dug it up here:

  • FundieDestroyer

    Fascist theocrats like you who believe in silly skygeese are the reason why we are literally thousand years behind.

  • The only Christian one I can see on Google is

    I think Focus just pulled that out of their anus.

  • FundieDestroyer

    So brave!

  • FundieDestroyer

    For more tips on checkmating Christians, please visit

    P.S. I’m not a bot, just your friendly champion of reason.

  • Michael

    Google shows that it does get used, but not often. Probably by kids who expect parents to check their phones. A facebook page promoting it has 155 likes.

  • Guest

    You’re kidding me right? Go to a religious blog and ask the same thing.  It’s not the facts, it’s what’s done with the facts.  Like the old saying goes, statistics never lie, but liars use statistics. This is not a blog that asks for clear, calm, and reasoned debate.  It’s a place, like so many blogs, where same-thinkers come to pat each other on the back over how brilliant and pure they are, and how stupid and evil ‘they’ (defined variously depending on the blog) are.  Go to any blog so defined, and you won’t be able to find many actual ‘wrongs.’  That’s not the point.  The point is to lift things out of context, and then run with them, hoping that the usual mindless zombie horde follows.  In most cases, the zombie horde does not disappoint.  As this blog clearly shows.  By the way, since you asked a fair question, that’s why I felt the need to explain the actual problem.  A person at least decent enough to ask a fair question is worthy of a direct answer, even if it’s beyond what was initially asked.

  • So, instead of telling parents what WTF? means, they’ll give them the meaning of the equally ubiquitous WITW? –What In The World?

    Yeah, these parents will be right on top of things with their kids. 

  • Octoberfurst

     So we are “lifting things out of context” you say. Please give some examples.  All Hemant does is point out the absurd things your side says and does. He shows you complete direct quotes and, no, they are not taken out of context.  Sorry that this site uses facts and logic to point out the foolishness of your positions. 
      And as Jenlyn said this site is not here to give you information about Christianity. It is to point out the flaws in religious thinking.  So please take your self-righteous idiocy someplace else.

  • cipher

     Almost all of atheism is focused on Christianity of the conservative/fundamentalist branches.

    We tried making fun of the Buddhists, but they wouldn’t cooperate. They refused to condemn us all to hell.

  • unclemike

     How we “portray people of religious faith” is usually just by quoting them verbatim.

    Okay, yeah, and then we usually giggle at them.

  • Matto the Hun

    Your projecting again. Hemant hasn’t lied about what FotF has presented and he’s linked to it for anyone to verify.

    “statistics never lie, but liars use statistics”
    You claimed he presented one fundamentalist Christian group as if the represented all Christians. He didn’t. You’re the liar.

    You haven’t shown how anything was taken out of contend, you’ve simply stamped your indignant little feet and insisted that it’s so.

    There’s a good number of Christians who come to the forum and engage, comment and debate. There’s one or two who even contribute. And they manage to do so without making up crap about what the bolg is saying.

    You need to grown up and learn what taking something out of context is. If Hemant was taking GMBO out of context:
    – He wouldn’t have said how putting togeteher this reference packet “was pretty commendable”
    – He wouldn’t have mentioned that the group is trying to help parents… which is what they are trying to do.
    – He would, if he was doing what you claim, take GMBO and slam most or the entire pamphlet on the grounds of that one thing.
    – He would, if he was taking this out of context, treat the list or most of it as if it was all as silly as GMBO.

    But he didn’t, he pointed out one thing, said it seemed silly, and said the rest of the list was, over all commendable. That’s not taking something out of context. It’s criticism of a piece of one item.

    Other Christians that come here seem to understand this, not sure why you don’t get it. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    When you stop lying, attacking us constantly, threatening us, breaking laws, ignoring our rights, actively trying to strip us of our rights…When you come around and acknowledge us as human and treat us as such, we’ll stop hurting your tiny feelings by “being mean.” 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Your side is the side unwilling to talk. If someone says anything about your beliefs other than “I agree, aren’t we so awesome?” you scream persecution. You demand that things go your way, and if they don’t, you’re under attack and the world is ending. Your side cannot live and let live. It cannot grasp the fact that everyone is free to live how THEY believe, not how YOU believe. 

    We’ve been trying to compromise with your side for years. Your side shits bricks when things aren’t exactly how they want them, and then they go to any extreme necessary to MAKE it how they want it, everyone else be damned. See gay marriage, see abortion, see birth control, see separation of church and state, see prayer in schools…The list goes on.

  • phantomreader42

    That’s a bit like me going to a vegan restaurant and getting angry they
    don’t have anything with meat on the menu..and then making a point to
    tell  them I’m leaving and not coming back because they don’t serve

     …and then coming back to repeat the exact same things every day for months or years, while spewing idiotic lies and getting steadily more unhinged …

  • The obvious response to this is “LMAO.”

    But in answer to your question, perhaps Focus on the Family has some insight into weird fundy-teen internet jargon.  Maybe the fundy teens say GMBO.”  Growing up in a Baptist household, my mother considered “butt” a bad word.  We had to say buttox or bottum, or something equally as silly. (“Sit-upons” is my favorite euphamism.)  It was so great to leave home because I could finally say, “Ass,”  like a normal person.

  • Coyotenose

     Giggle our BUTTS OFF at them!

  • Coyotenose

    Coming in screaming in vague generalities and then whining when most people give you exactly what you deserve and ask for is childish. Keep crying, kid.

  • Drew M.

     This is quite possibly the sneakiest Godwin I’ve ever seen.

    Not clever, by any means, merely sneaky.

  • Drew M.

    Have you guys read the parents’ packet? I find it disturbingly creepy, especially page 17’s “Spiritual Growth” column.

  • Stev84

    Being offended at being quoted seems to be the new thing for fundies.

    Take the GLAAD accountability project which merely listed quotes by anti-gay groups without any commentary. Some of them flipped out over it and cried persecution and censorship.

  • Patterrssonn

    Unless you stop posting you really haven’t gone away.

  • onamission5

    We weren’t allowed to even say “jeeze” because it was code for Jesus. To this day my mom thinks that saying things like “h-e-double toothpicks” or “witch with a b” is positively scandalous.

    I have no doubt that this is non-reality based hopeful parents projection of fundie kid jargon. In that, these are the preapproved by church things their kids can say, so of course they don’t need to know about those horrible other things like WTF and ROFLMFAO because their special jesus blessed snowflakes would never say that!

    Part of the reason I still swear like a pirate is growing up fundie. So many forbidden words, so little time.

  • I don’t think POS means what Focus on the Family thinks it does.

  • Janeteholmes

    But why change L(augh) to G(iggle)? Why not just put LMBO which parents would at least have a chance of translating into LMAO or LMFAO? These people never make any sense, it’s very dispiriting.

  • Pureone

    If you were interested in facts and reality you wouldn’t be interested in Christianity.

  • Grinch

    Part of the reason I still swear like a pirate is growing up fundie. So many forbidden words, so little time”

    Lmao, I’m going to have to use this 😀 

  • Pureone

    You’d still complain if we only focused on the nonsense ALL Christians believe- the whole back-to-life demigod nonsense….

  • LesterBallard


    Bible is Bull Shit

  • David McNerney

    When I was growing up my Dad used to shout at us at the dinner table to “Sit on your bottom like a Christian.”

    I still have no idea what that means. 

    But the most bizzare thing is… I sometimes say that to my kids.

  • Drew M.

     I’ve also seen LMBO; two of my Facebook friends use that.

  • William Chain

    He’s “brave”, but he’s right. This “Guest” comments on almost every article, and almost all of his comments are butthurt comments.

    EDIT: grammar :-/

  • Anon

    Oddly enough, I was raised in a pretty much secular household. By the time I was 15-16 I was allowed to swear (and I mean say things like fuck and shit) in front of my mother without her so much as blinking. Also there had been a long running rule that if my mother swore then she couldn’t get annoyed at me the next time I said the same word.

    Occasionally she’d get annoyed if I swore too much. At which point I’d replace the swearwords with their politer alternatives (instead of ‘oh fuck this’ it would be ‘oh sexual intercourse this’) until I made her laugh.

    It’s interesting though, that I still swear like a pirate despite the words not being forbidden.

  • RobertoTheChi

    Seriously?!? I guess someone has their undies in a bunch. The only mental masturbation here would be from your comment.

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